April 12, 2007

Paddington Notes: Restless

When you're on the road, it's really hard to keep things updated. I don't even have enough leisure to update my diary. You get to think about so much, cuz you see so many as if possessing the perspective a baby has, a baby you once had been. Babies are eager to see everything with their rolling eyes. everything seems to be fresh, that's why. then you grow up and things become not that fresh. you get by one day after another even with auto-pilot that can be done. that's also when, tho, you lose interest.

going to the same place, meeting the same people, watching the same TV, dumbing the same old mind...gosh that's why I need to get out of my zone and stay in others'. to keep it fresh, to sustain my will to live still.

so, perhaps the thing is not about looking for new, fresh, excitement, but keeping your eyes fresh. take off the concept that you THINK you know but you actually don't, you THINK you've seen it but you actually haven't.

Travelling is good. Keeping travelling is even better.

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