August 25, 2010

The only constant is Change

Nothing is a permanent fixture.
No one is irreplaceable.
I understand.
Everybody moves on, yes, everybody.
But why are my memories collapsing like a dream before vivid reality?



MTLsquirrel said...

My dear, you ARE irreplaceable to me, despite the fact that no one can stop changes from happening.

You're the adventurous and curious girl who's sometimes suspicious or frightened, yet you're always fun to be with and simply sweet to think of.

BUT, you'd better work on your memories. I don't know how to fix amnesia.

Prescription: keeping some pet at home. You'll learn the art of balancing detachment and attachment. (Then next step you might be able to try keeping human beings)

gitiswoods said...

Thanks. You're officially one of those who get me the most. Guess I am just processing some news and while I value the few attachements I have, I hate to be consumed by them.

Well, I look forward to the day when I can keep a human pet...ooops, not a pet, just human.